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sábado, novembro 29, 2003

combinações perfeitas II - The Waiting Room 

Cooper has a dream about a little man, BOB, Mike and also a woman who looks a lot like Laura Palmer. This dream is Cooper’s key to cracking the murder case.

The dream begins with a quick look at the location of the dream’s conclusion, the Red Room. Cooper looks old, 25 years older to be exact. The LMFAP (Little Man From Another Place) is standing with his back to Cooper and aggressively rubbing his hands together.

“Mike?. Mike, can you hear me?
Catch you with my deathbag
You may think I’ve gone insane
But I promise I will kill again.”

Cooper is still watching LMFAP vigorously rubbing his hands together trying to channel the information he is supposed to share with Cooper. Cooper realizes there is someone else in the room. He sees Laura sitting in a chair next to an empty chair adjacent to his, at least he thinks it’s her.

The little man turns around, claps his hands and says, “Let’s Rock.”

The midget rises from the chair, music starts playing in the background and slowly gets louder, and the little fellow starts dancing. The woman gets up and walks over to Cooper and looks at him flirtatiously, giving him a kiss before whispering the name of the killer in his ear.

Music TP original: Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch

Music during the edition of this post: Sonic Youth “Dirty Deluxe edition”

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