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sexta-feira, março 12, 2004

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Add N to (X) - Loud Like Nature 2002

This time the group finds a better balance of the simple and the strange, making Loud Like Nature their most exciting album since Avant Hard. All Music Guide

Compelling. Devastating. Amazing. And rocks like a bastard. Playlouder

This is an album which manages the rare trick of being accessible and head-warpingly barmy both at the same time. Q Magazine

Loud Like Nature contains all the traits that make Add N To (X) so captivating: blood, brains and lots of loin friction. Alternative Press

Has more to do with Primal Scream's Evil heat than any arched-eyebrow electro-clashers. Mojo

NdR: Como o albúm é de 2002 é do melhor que já ouvi em 2004.

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