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sábado, junho 19, 2004

A Teia Damo Suzuki  

Damo Suzuki's Network is an assembly of musicians. It's a collective meeting place where like minded people go. The goal is simple, for musicians to communicate with each other and with the audience.There are no ego's involved.
Musicians send smoke signals to each other. They respond in kind. Damo selects musicians who have the potential to communicate freely and who are able to respond honestly to each other in the here and now.
There are never any rehearsals. Damo records every show and has released several albums which document the process described in a more coherent way than one can hope to do with words.

Maus Habitos
18 Junho 2004

A composição da rede de músicos e respectivos instrumentos está apenas afecta a cada performance efectuada.

Damo Suzuki with Scott Nydegger (effected sounds from electronic drums), Massimo Pupillo (Bass) and Soopa: Jonathan Saldanha (Trumpet, Tabla, Nageswaram, Electronics), Miguel Cardoso (Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Electronics), Filipe Silva (Electric Guitar, Electronics, 4-Track Tape Recorder) and Gustavo Costa (Drums, Percussion, Electronics, Radio)

O contacto do experimentalismo e improviso de 7 músicos reverteu composições irrepetíveis sem criar o mínimo desconforto. (7,5/10)

NdR: Aconselho o link para uma maior aproximação.

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