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quarta-feira, abril 06, 2005

Antwerp connections 

“Antwerp, early June. On a sweltering Friday afternoon, eight people dream of a different life. There's wind and music, police and paronoia, hints and allegations. There's an ancient virus, a wandering frisbee, a dead horse, and, drifting through town, an enigmatic phenomenon called Windman who feels the pain of everyone but can't seem to help himself. At night, a party welcomes all…” Any way the wind Blows, Tom Barman (2003, Belgium)

A BSO, afinada por Barman, incorpora, entre outros, Magnus, Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, Evil Superstar, Herbie Hancock. A exemplo do filme transporta vibrações, dos nativos sinjoren, atadas em quatro idiomas. (7/10)

Ligações que chegam de Antuérpia, ainda que arrastadas pelo vento.
French Movies
Summers here
Magnus: The Body Gave You Everything, edição 2004. (8,5/10)

NdR sobre dEUS: “ The album is almost finished...Title: 'Stop -Start Nature'...It will feature 12 new songs, of which, at this stage, 9 are finished...release the album worldwide in September...it's touring like there's no tomorrow...the wait has been long enough, we're all eager to play... see you soon. Tom Barman, 01-04-2005”.

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