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quarta-feira, maio 04, 2005

Antwerp Connections 2 

Da 2ª maior cidade Belga, incorporada na região federal da Flandres, copio o roteiro alfabético incitando a uma visita à cidade. Um dos maiores aglomerados de bandas, recomendados do mundo, maioritariamente consumidos em tempo oportuno, como proveito de cinco séculos de história e de arte.

Cinérex – an electronic band that uses samples to make music.

Cynthia Appleby and friends – Side-project of Rudy Trouvé with Craig Ward.

Daan – Daan Stuyven (Dead Man Ray) Solo Project.

Dead Man Ray – Surprising band with some kind of nervous but poppy city-music.

dEUS – The first and most-known band from the 'Antwerp scene'.

Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung – DAAU, with their modern music on classic instruments.

Evil Superstars – Sounds like heavy metal meets pop and blues.

Flat Earth Society –The world is round, the earth is flat.

Flowers For Breakfast – Their music is mostly influenced by the Latin Playboys, dEUS, TC Matic, Moondog Jr., Sonic Youth and Tom Waits.

General Electrique – Tom Barman and Kelvin Smits project. Something between pop, dance and rock.

Golf – Makes intimistic, sensible and minimal popsongs from 4-track recordings.

Gore Slut – Lo-fi band, sounds like Dinosaur Jr., Motorpsycho and Sebadoh.

Kiss My Jazz – Kiss My Jazz was born in the basement of "Heaven Hotel" somewhere in 1991, it's not known exactly anymore.

Lionell Horrowitz And His Combo – A side project of Rudy Trouvé with Bram Van Looveren and Dirk d'Hooge.

Mitsoobishi Jacson – Very experimental music, made with drum computers in pyjamas by only two people.

SexMachines – Danny Mommens is the frontman of this punkrockband.

Soul Sucker – They're like Tom Waits without a clod and with fresh batteries.

Superalmendrado – Mark Meyers plays with country-folk musician Ian Milligan and Lionell Horrowitz drummer Dirk Belmans.

Think Of One – Sounds like a mix of wals delire, tango fish, funky bombay, jeruzalem blues, disco in 7, footballsongs, desert smuth and etnic grooves.

Vive la fête – Danny Mommens does something Gainsbourgs-alike whith his girlfriend Els Pynnoo.

Zita Swoon Stef Kamil Carlens (ex-dEUS) and his band. Moondog Jr.

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